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Grommets: Everything You Need to Know

Grommet Wire Rope Slings are constructed from a single continuous wire rope strand. Because of the ongoing construction, it can be made in very short circumferences. A Cable Grommet design also provides additional capacity for the same size diameter rope in an equivalent eye-to-eye style sling. Let us learn about the care and usage of a grommet wire rope sling.

Use and Care of a Wire Rope Sling


  • Store away from chemicals, dust, grit, and high temperatures in a dry, clean location.


  • Check the load weight.
  • Check the rated load of the sling for the type of lift and the loading angle.
  • The sling shall not be twisted, tied, or knotted together.
  • By padding corners, edges, protrusions, or abrasive surfaces, you can ensure that the load does not cut the sling during the lift; use materials of sufficient strength and thickness.
  • If the hook is attached to the sling, center the load on the sling hook’s base (bowl) unless the sling hook is designed for point loading.
  • Load balancing
  • Keep the load under control.
  • Try not to jerk the load.
  • Keep an eye out for load snagging.
  • Avoid dragging the sling across rough surfaces or from beneath the load.
  • The choker hitch must always choke on the sling body and never on a splice or end fitting.
  • Stay away from the heap consistently.
  • People are not permitted to ride on slings or loads.
  • Consult the manufacturer before using extreme heat, cold, or chemical activity.
  • Temperatures below 400 °F (fiber core wire rope below 180 °F) and above -40 °F should be avoided.